PIR Detector BX-80N

PIR Detector BX-80N


(1) Double conductive shielding

(2) Advanced temperature compensation

(3) Limited detection range function

(4) Size judging function to avoid false alarms

(5) Variable detection range up to 24m

      (12m on each side)

(6) Audible alarm indicator to deter intruders

(7) Attractive, slender design


ModelPIR Detector BX-80N
Coverage24m (12m on each side)
Detection zones4 zones (2 zones on each side)
Sensivity2.0°C at 0.6m/sec
Detectable speed0.3m - 1.5m/s
Power supply10 - 28 VDC
Current consumption38mA (max.)
Alarm period2 ± 1 sec
Alarm output2 relay outputs N.O. and N.C. 28 V DC 0.2A (max.) each
Tamper switchN.C. opens when cover removed
Warm-up periodApprox. 45 sec. (LED blinks)
Volume of audible alarmApprox. 70dB (at 1 meter distance)
LED indicatorLED is blinking during warm-up period
Alarm condition
Operating temperature-20°C to +50°C
Environmental humidity95% max.
RF interferenceNo Alarm 20V/m
Mounting height0.8m - 1.2m

* The specifications are subject to change without notice